The Smoke Detector blogs have moved to the CPA Center of Excellence® Online!  You’ll continue to get all the great weekly blogs that the Fusion Network has been writing and Movingposting since 2012. You’ll also be able to continue to post comments to each blog (and we encourage more!), and carry discussion on the hottest topics over to the open forum of the community.

Although the CPA Center of Excellence® Online is for INCPAS members only, the blogs link is open to the public so you’ll be able to read the blogs without logging in and others outside of the Society membership will still be able to read the blogs as they have been accustomed to.

Here is the link to view blogs on the CPA Center of Excellence® Online:

Or, log in from and see the the most current blogs under “Recent Blogs” (red circle below) or click on Blogs under the “Explore” tab (green circle below) to see the full list.